Villa Signorini

Between Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples

A historic 18th-century aristocratic residence, Villa Signorini is one of the few Vesuvian villas to have preserved intact the spaces and decorations of its original splendor, enchanting its guests with elegance and majesty.

The building's history dates back to around the mid-18th century, but the few sources available do not provide us with a precise date of construction. The first owner of whom we have documentation is Andrés Alfano.

From 1809, it passed under the ownership of various noblemen, until 1911 when the villa and land were purchased by the entrepreneur Paolo Signorini, after which it was named.

Inhabited until 1980, on 23 November of that year, the villa was evacuated due to the earthquake and then abandoned for almost a decade.

In 1991, restoration work began, recovering the original splendor of the interior and exterior spaces and making it an ideal location for exhibitions and events.

Today Villa Signorini is a jewel of peace and beauty set between Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples, with richly decorated interiors, refined rooms, and state-of-the-art comforts to offer an even more comfortable and pleasant stay.

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