History, natural beauty, and local authenticity

Torre del Greco is located along the Tyrrhenian coast, south of Mount Vesuvius, and is part of the metropolitan area of Naples. The city is known for its panoramic position on the Gulf of Naples and for being located near important archaeological sites of worldwide importance, such as Ercolano and Pompeii.

The hotel is the ideal starting point to explore the jewels of Campania and discover the vibrant cities rich in history and culture, such as the islands of Ischia and Capri, with their natural beauty and Mediterranean charm.

Torre del Greco, with its fascinating history and location between Vesuvius and the sea, offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in an authentic atmosphere and discover hidden treasures in the streets of the historic center or the trails of the Vesuvius National Park.

The city boasts a rich maritime tradition, reflected in its marinas and the daily life of its inhabitants. That contributes to creating an authentic and fascinating atmosphere for visitors.

In addition, Torre del Greco is famous for its craftsmanship in coral, cameos, and mother-of-pearl. Visitors can explore the tradition and craftsmanship related to this industry developed in the 17th century by visiting the Coral Museum.

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